Action camp 2021

Welcome to the action camp

From 12 to 17 July, the alliance ‘Together against the animal industry’ is organising an action camp and political actions in North/West Germany in the Vechta/Oldenburg area.

The camp will be a place for exchange, networking and debate on the issues of agriculture, animal farming, climate justice, capitalism and working conditions of slaughterhouse workers. At the same time, we also want to enable people to get involved in different forms of protest. For this purpose, we are organising a programme with workshops, lectures, films and a cultural programme to exchange knowledge and ideas, to develop common perspectives and to prepare for planned actions.

The camp starts on Monday 12 July. Until 17 July we offer the possibility to stay at the camp with your own tents and we organise the necessary infrastructure with catering facilities, sanitary facilities, event tents, children’s and family tents and much more. Our camp is a self-organised, grassroots and low-hierarchy camp, where all participants share responsibility for creating an atmosphere of solidarity in which everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe.

Support for this is offered by our awareness group. And we call on you to get involved in the organisation before and during the camp.

If possible, please register in advance via our registration form or by email at, so that we can prepare better and cater to your wishes and needs (allergies, intolerances, etc.). Registration is of course also possible anonymously. You can find more information about registration here.

Due to the Corona pandemic, our protest will take place under restrictions. With our hygiene concept we want to make it possible for everyone to participate in the camp. That’s why we are paying attention to the rules of infection protection together. Before you come to the camp, please have a close look at our concept, don’t forget your masks and please do a Corona quick test in order not to expose other participants to unnecessary risks.

You can find all further information in the overview

Awareness is a concept that opposes any form of violation of boundaries, violence and discrimination, e.g. through sexist, racist, ableist, homophobic or transphobic actions and attitudes, does not tolerate them, but acts against them or shows possibilities for action. Of course, all those present at the camp are jointly responsible for awareness.

To ensure that there is a clear contact point at the action camp in case of border violations, violence and discrimination, we have developed an awareness concept.

During the camp and the action there will be an awareness team, two awareness tents and an OutOfAction tent as a place of retreat. More information will be announced soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact the awareness team.

Contact to the awareness team:

Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans and Agender people (FLINTA*) can also write here if they wish:

You can read about our self-conception here:

Our camp will be an open space where children and people with disabilities are explicitly welcome.

The following information should help you to better assess the accessibility of our camp. Otherwise, you can always contact the info tent on site and we will be happy to help you.

Arrival and departure by train: The camp is registered in the Goldenstedt area (near Vechta). The nearest train station will probably be in Goldenstedt. The station in Goldenstedt consists of only one track and can be reached without stairs. The car park is directly at the track. The camp is about 4 km from the station. On request we can try to organise a shuttle. Please contact us in advance at

Actions: Actions will be planned in such a way that people with disabilities can also take part. Please contact us on site so that we can look together.

Terrain: The camp is registered on a public green space with paved paths. However, a confirmation from the assembly authority is still pending.

Kitchens: The kitchen for everyone will be outside and will be vegan. There will be 3 meals a day. In case of intolerances, please contact

Sanitary facilities: Due to lack of clarity about the area, we are unfortunately unable to make any statements on this yet. Barrier-free toilets will be available in any case.

Sleeping: The tent area is located on a meadow. It may be possible to park a camper/caravan in the car park near the camp.

Language: We will write all signs on the camp in German and English. For our camp programme we will organise volunteer translators (for other languages if possible). If you are looking for translators, please contact the Infopoint and we will try to organise suitable translators for you at the camp.

If you need sign language translators, please let us know in advance via our registration form and we will try to organise people for this.

We ask the people running the workshops to consider language as a barrier and to be available for questions.

There is a camp fee. This can be paid in cash at the camp or before/after the camp via bank transfer (

The camp fee includes infrastructure and catering by the Küfa team.

Of course, you only pay the camp fee for the days on which you actually take part in the camp.

The following contribution amounts per day of camp participation are recommended:

– reduced fee: 10,00 € / day

– cost-covering contribution: 12,50 € / day

– Soli-contribution: 15,00 € / day

For orientation: The Küfa share is about 5,00 € / day.

Those who do not have so much money can of course also participate.

Camp infrastructure (toilets, sanitary, medical service…)

The infrastructure for the action camp is organised by many volunteers. Large tents (for the programme), toilets, washing lines, seating and co. are set up before the official start of the camp.

The action camp is a self-managed and self-organised camp. This means that the camp is organised by everyone together. From setting up to cleaning, everyone is invited to make sure that everyone has a good time at the camp. Everyone can contribute to the camp organisation according to their own skills, preferences and needs.

We also provide toilets and sanitary facilities at the camp. Please pay attention to hygiene and infection protection during the camp, because we are together in a small space and use many things (toilets, showers, kitchen) together. The cleaning of the toilets and sanitary facilities will be done by the participants together, information on how to participate can be found at the info point.

At the action camp, solidary paramedics will be able to provide professional help in case of emergency. We want to work together to make the camp a safer and more secure place.

Our camp sees itself as a self-organised, grassroots and low-hierarchy camp. We want to create a space in which all people and animals feel comfortable. All participants share responsibility for creating an atmosphere of solidarity in which everyone feels welcome, comfortable and safe.

For this we need the support of all of you. Please come to the info tent when you arrive and sign up for shifts on our info wall. We need support for all areas – whether kitchens, cleaning sanitary facilities, awareness shifts, night watch or childcare. We are sure you will find a suitable job for you. If you are unsure, please contact the info tent and we will help you find a suitable task.

Because only together with you can we create a safe, clean and pleasant camp for everyone!

In the meantime we have been allocated a camp area! It is a meadow area in Goldenstedt, directly next to the Hartensbergsee area.

The address for the navigation system is Dohlenstiege 1, 49424 Goldenstedt.
Coordinates for Maps: 52.78948352374373, 8.450580727127411

Arrival by train

The nearest train station is Goldenstedt station. We organise a shuttle from the station. Please contact the phone number 0157-79171735.

Arrival by car

Due to district regulations, all parking facilities in the immediate vicinity of the camp site are closed. Parking on the camp site is not possible. The nearest parking facilities are in the centre of Goldenstedt and the public car park at the sports ground (15-20 minutes walk to the camp site in each case).

Campers please contact the info point for further information.


You can use the following number from Saturday, July 10th, 21st for travel questions and problems:

0157 79171735

Legal matters on arrival

You can contact the following EA number if there are legal questions / matters upon arrival: EA number:

0049 (0) 30 8632140 61


there is a non-moderated ridesharing exchange at Telegram:

Please note that with Telegram it is possible for repressive organs to draw conclusions about real names and numbers. The best thing to do is to ensure that the telephone number is not visible in the Telegram security settings.

Solibus from Berlin to the camp!

A bus will take us from Berlin to Lower Saxony to the camp and mass action of the alliance ‘Together against the animal industry’. And also back!

Date and time: The bus will leave Berlin on Tuesday 13 July at 10 am and return from the camp on Saturday 17 July (return time not yet fixed). Departure point is available upon registration. The bus is barrier-free with lift (1x wheelchair place fixed, more with convert possible). It will be a Corona-compliant trip and it is possible to travel one-way or roundtrip. Due to the planning, it would be important if you can let us know in advance.

Money: It’s a solibus and we want to cover as much of the costs as possible. But we also want you to be able to come if you don’t have any money. Therefore our recommendation would be to pay 15 € per trip. The soli contribution would be 20 €. At 10 € the costs would be almost covered with a full bus. Therefore, it would be very nice to proceed according to the principle ‘they who have, give’ (‘Wer hat der*die gibt’). Please bring the money in cash to the departure. For our estimation, please write us at the registration what you want to pay.

Registration: If you want to join us, please send us an email to: (PGP Key here)

The camp will offer participants an exciting and interesting programme with workshops, lectures, films and cultural events.

You can download the schedule here – English events are marked as such within the schedule:

Camprogramm als PDF

Children and families
Of course, we also invite children and young people with their caregivers to the camp and want a place that is designed where they can feel welcome and comfortable at the camp.
There will be a children’s tent with play and activity facilities.

we cannot offer a comprehensive children’s programme at this camp, but we invite camp visitors to offer activities for all age groups on site!

If you are coming to the camp with a child or children and need support, please let us know in advance by email or on site at the info point. If you can imagine supporting children and their caregivers, please do so as well. 

You will find more information about the design of the children’s tent here soon.

Please bring your (non-human) companions only if necessary. Be aware that you are primarily responsible for your companion. Do not leave your companion alone on the camp. Be aware that some people are afraid of dogs or have severe allergies to animal hair. Please also take care that your companion’s excrement ends up in the rubbish.

Hygiene concept for action camp and mass action “PHW Ade” from July 12-17, 2021
– Status June 16, 2021 –

Our hygiene concept aims to enable all participants to safely participate in the camp and actions. We try to prevent infections with the coronavirus as far as possible and offer a possibility of tracing infection routes while respecting data protection.

Our concept is based on the recommendations of the Robert Koch-Institut (RKI) and we have included experiences of other climate camps and demonstrations that took place under corona conditions. We coordinate our concept with the responsible health department and go beyond legal regulations where we consider it necessary.
We consider the safe running of the camp to be everyone’s responsibility. We appeal to all participants to behave responsibly and in solidarity with regard to the corona pandemic and to minimize their contacts as much as possible before arrival.

Testing before arrival

A negative corona rapid test or PCR test is required for participation in the camp. Please bring proof of these tests to the camp or do a self rapid test at the camp. Unfortunately, results of rapid tests that you have done yourself will not be accepted. Proof of testing is not required for those who have been vaccinated twice and whose second vaccination was two weeks ago upon arrival. Please show us your proof of vaccination (or a copy) when you register at the camp.

Results of rapid tests, which must have been performed by trained staff, must not be older than 48 hours at the time of arrival. People can have such free rapid tests done at numerous testing centers and pharmacies. In most cases, this requires registration – so remember to make sure you get appointments early. Negative PCR tests must not be older than 72 hours.

We recommend that you take the tests at your home sites, as testing capacity is limited in the area surrounding the camp. Testing facilities in the surrounding area are available in Vechta, Visbek, Goldenstedt and other cities (registration and times:

Alternatively, you can do a self-test in our test tent at the registration. You do not have to provide any personal information. After a negative result you can participate in the camp. Please bring your own rapid tests with you.

We will also have rapid tests on site and will hand them out for a contribution (0-5€). However, we ask you to use this possibility only in case of emergency! The tests cost money and we would like to reserve tests in stock in solidarity with people who have no other possibility to get tested.

And please understand that people with corona-typical symptoms cannot participate in the camp or in actions.

Testing on site

People who work on site in the kitchen or with the paramedics will of course be tested regularly, as will people who develop corona-typical symptoms.

We ask all participants to also do two more tests on site to effectively rule out infection, especially if you plan to participate in actions. We have a stock of self-tests that we store according to the required storage regulations. Please only bring self-tests for your time at the camp if you can store them according to the storage requirements.

Reference Groups

We ask that camp participants arrive as a reference group if possible. Reference groups should stay with each other if possible. Only people in an affinity group should eat together without masks, sleep together in private tents. For people who arrive without a reference group, there is the possibility to participate in a reference group finding at the camp.


A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained on the camp premises, even among members of the same household. Going below this distance is only possible in private tents. In places where queues regularly form, adequate spacing of participants will be provided by markings on the ground.

Mouth-nose protection

Outside the private tents, it is compulsory to wear a medical mask (surgical mask, FFP2 mask, no fabric masks). For safety reasons, we recommend that only FFP2 masks be used during action or workshops. We will also have a limited supply of these masks on site for emergencies. Please remember to bring several masks for yourselves so that they can be changed. If you can, feel free to bring a few more for others in solidarity. Again, we are very happy to receive donations in kind.


All participants are asked to sign up for our contact tracking lists upon arrival. Please provide an ID (nickname, number combination) and a way to contact you (email address, phone number). This data will be stored securely by us until three weeks after the end of the camp.

At workshops and events, participants sign up for lists with their ID. In case of an infection, we can track whether you have been in the vicinity of an infected person and notify you.
At the same time, your anonymity will be preserved at the camp.

If you are found to be infected with corona within two weeks of the end of the camp, please notify us by email to the following address:

We will immediately inform all contact persons so that a PCR test can be done. After the camp, please watch for messages from us using the contact method provided.

Social address

During mobilization, through notices, announcements and signs we will refer to the adherence to the hygiene concept. Mobile helpers will also check that the corona measures are being adhered to and remind people of details if necessary.
Our hygiene concept will of course be available at the camp and during activities.

Hygiene and surface disinfection

We provide several hand-washing stations and disinfection stations. We ask all participants to use these facilities frequently and also to keep their distance. All surfaces in the camp will be disinfected regularly. Toilets and washing facilities will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day.

We ask that you participate in the cleaning and sanitizing shifts.

Stay in communal tents

The communal tents are equipped with wide openings for good ventilation. We will ventilate frequently. There is a maximum number of people in the communal tents, which will be marked in front of each tent.

Display information material

Flyers or similar information material will not be distributed, but laid out. This minimizes the risk of infection through personal contact.

Suspected and positive cases

Anyone who has a positive rapid test result during camp should immediately have a PCR test performed by a physician. We will assist you in finding a testing facility nearby. For people who test positive at the camp, we will set up a quarantine tent with its own toilet and hand washing facilities until a testing facility or a safe journey home can be arranged.

Travel home of infected or quarantined participants from the camp is their own responsibility. But: We try to support in case of need, for example by providing drivers and cars to enable the transport to a test and possibly also home. This becomes more and more difficult with further distances and can by no means be guaranteed. Therefore we ask for the help of all involved.

Worried at the camp?

We have a medical tent and paramedics on site. There is also the possibility to take the temperature.
If you notice cold or corona symptoms at the camp, or if you find out that you have had contact with a corona positive person shortly before departure, or if you have any other reason to be concerned: Report immediately to the Infopoint or directly to the paramedics! We will help you and test you again if necessary.

After the camp

We ask all participants to get tested for the coronavirus on the 3rd and 7th day after their departure from the camp and refer to the possibilities of free tests.
Contact us immediately if you test positive for corona within 14 days of your return! We can be reached at:
If we become aware of any suspected corona cases, we will inform you via the contact addresses you provided. Please check back regularly to see if you have received any messages from us.

Last but not least

Finally, it is important for us to make the following very clear: Protective measures are reasonable and sensible. We take a clear position against corona denial, conspiracy narratives, and allying with the right.

The info point is your first point of contact when you arrive at the camp and will also be the first point of contact for all questions and requests during the entire camp. There you will also find the shift schedules where you can sign in and all other information about the camp.

We will try to help you with all your needs or forward you to the right contact person.

Important: Due to the current Corona guidelines, it is imperative that you report immediately to the info tent for contact tracing upon arrival. Contact tracing is of course also possible anonymously. You can find all further information about our hygiene concept at the camp here.

Please be prepared that there will be no free wifi for everyone. Internet access will be available in the press and info point for people who need it for camp organisation and activities.

However, as the camp is not taking place “in the middle of nowhere”, you should have good internet reception on your devices. We will also announce in advance where you can access the internet via freifunk.

We have a cooking crew at the camp. We are very happy that they will feed us.

All dishes will be vegan. Of course, we make sure to provide us all with regional, seasonal and organic food as much as possible.

If you have allergies and food intolerances, please write a short email or indicate this in the registration. We will forward the information to the kitchen crew and will take it into consideration.

When you arrive, please also let the info tent know.

Introduction of the Küfa “Schwarzwurzeln”

We are the Schwarzwurzeln, a young kitchen collective from NRW.

We will provide you with vegan food during the camp.

It is very important to us that everyone can eat with us, so please let us know if you have any intolerances or allergies. If you want to contact us directly at the camp, you can do so via the Küfa cell phone, at the info point or directly contact our Küfa crew. This task will be taken over by two people who are not in the cooking tent and who will introduce themselves to you. The people of the Küfacrew, who cook for you, will have no direct contact to the camp, because of the Corona-Hygiene-Concept.

We generally cook on a soli basis. That means, all people get food, no matter how much or if they pay something. For this, on the one hand we try to organize ourselves as money-free as possible and get a lot of food through donations, foodsharing and containers, but on the other hand we also rely on donations from the people who have enough money to pay for it.

At the camp there will be a cash box in the info tent. We will not recommend donations per meal. Instead, to make it transparent how much money is still needed to cover the costs, there will be a traffic light that shows how much income and expenses we have. If we have a financial surplus, we will announce what it will be used for.

Since we have not been around for so long, we have not been able to build up large reserves and are therefore dependent on donations in advance in order to be able to buy food and materials for the camp.

If you would like to support us, please donate to the following account:

VusEumUmseP e.V.
IBAN: DE30 8306 5408 0004 0613 81
Deutsche Skatbank
Subject: schwarzwurzeln

Since we have always borrowed equipment from other KÜFAs to cook for large groups and this is very impractical in the long run, we are gradually acquiring the appropriate large kitchen equipment. You are very welcome to support us by sending us donations in kind. Feel free to contact us via our mail or use the above mentioned account if you want to support us financially.

You can find more information about us on our blog:

Our packing list


Sleeping bag

Camping mat

Warm clothes for the night

Sturdy shoes

Toiletries, towel, ecologically degradable soap, toothpaste

Medication that you need

Cash for camp fee (10-15 € per day), if necessary additional money for snacks / drinks or for emergencies.

Sun and rain protection (e.g. sun cream, headgear, rain jacket)

Mouth and nose protection (FFP2 or surgical masks) and any rapid tests you may need.

Power bank if you want to make sure you can charge your mobile phone

Lamps, headlamps and/or torch

Seat pads to sit on



Books and playing cards etc.

Bicycle, if you want to have it with you at the camp

For smokers: Pocket ashtrays (please make sure to smoke only in the designated places!)

We want everyone to treat each other with respect. This also includes taking photos and videos. In principle, the following should apply to everyone: You should only take photos and videos of other people if they agree to it.

There is a press group that has a tent at the camp and can be contacted at any time.
contactable. You can reach the press group before the start of the camp by e-mail at
( and during the camp by phone on 01578-7682390. Please inform the press group if you communicate with journalists so that the press group has an overview and can support you if necessary.
The press group is happy to receive more people who would like to give interviews or be accompanied by the media – in this case please contact the press group for coordination and to receive information on press strategy etc.

The working group also invites the press to the camp. It accompanies journalists
journalists at the camp and announce this to the participants.

Our camp is an open space where children and people with disabilities are explicitly welcome.

We ask you to let us know in advance if you are coming to the camp. Registration makes it easier for us to organise the camp and gives us the opportunity to better meet your individual needs. Registration is anonymous, no personal data will be collected and one person can register a whole group.

You can do this by filling out our registration form (see below) or by sending us a message to the following email address:

Please let us know if you have any allergies, food intolerances or other important concerns that we should take into account. You can also let us know if you already know that you need translation, have questions about mobility or low barriers, or need other things to be able to participate in the camp. It would also be helpful for our planning if people who have already registered but cannot attend cancel their registration.

You don’t have to register with your real name, but it would be great if you leave a pseudonym that you can use if you contact us again in the next few weeks. This will help us to keep track of any further comments or changes.

When you arrive at the camp, please register at our info point and present your negative result of a Corona rapid test or PCR test. (All information about infection protection at the camp can be found here). Feel free to direct your question to the info point, e.g. about catering in case of intolerances and allergies. As the registration is only for our planning, it will not be checked if you are registered and also non-registered persons are welcome!

Registration form

Please enter a name (or pseudonym) and number of people coming to the camp.
Please enter the number of children and young people.
Please enter allergies and intolerances and the number of persons concerned.
We offer a separate overnight area for FLINTA* persons (women, lesbians, inter-, non-binary, trans and agender persons). Please enter the number of persons.
We try to organise a barrier-free camp. We will let you know to what extent we were able to implement accessibility.
Please indicate languages into which translation should be done.
If you can imagine to support the camp, please fill in here. We are looking for support for the set-up (3 days before the camp), dismantling (3 days after the camp), awareness shifts, night guards, offering translations, medical service and more.

Sleeping and camping on the camp

There are designated areas on the camp where you can pitch your tents. We ask you to consider the sleeping tent area as a rest area and not as a party area. Please be especially mindful of each other so that everyone feels comfortable and we can participate in the exciting workshops and other events well rested and in good spirits.

We will let you know later about parking facilities for campers and caravans. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There will be a night watch every night during the camp. You are welcome to take shifts, feel responsible for it. After a short introduction and with a little safety equipment, everyone can easily take over a night watch.
Nevertheless, we can only really be “as safe as possible” if we are all mindful in dealing with ourselves and others and communicate any possible issues. More information about the night watch and the shift plan, in which you can sign up, will be available at the camp in the info tent!

You want to come to the camp? Great! You can help with set-up and dismantling before or after the camp? That’s great! Please contact the camp logistics group directly: (PGP-Key).

We are especially looking for support with the dismantling: At the end of the camp we will hopefully have experienced a lot together. However, there is still a lot to do. Tents and other infrastructure have to be dismantled and returned to their owners, etc. The more people we are here, the quicker the dismantling will be and the easier it will be for everyone. So please, if you don’t have any plans after the camp, stay a few more days and help us to leave the meadow clean and tidy again.
Every helping hand is welcome!

Contact to the organising group: