Our camp will be an open space where children and people with disabilities are explicitly welcome.

The following information should help you to better assess the accessibility of our camp. Otherwise, you can always contact the info tent on site and we will be happy to help you.

Arrival and departure by train: The camp is registered in the Goldenstedt area (near Vechta). The nearest train station will probably be in Goldenstedt. The station in Goldenstedt consists of only one track and can be reached without stairs. The car park is directly at the track. The camp is about 4 km from the station. On request we can try to organise a shuttle. Please contact us in advance at

Actions: Actions will be planned in such a way that people with disabilities can also take part. Please contact us on site so that we can look together.

Terrain: The camp is registered on a public green space with paved paths. However, a confirmation from the assembly authority is still pending.

Kitchens: The kitchen for everyone will be outside and will be vegan. There will be 3 meals a day. In case of intolerances, please contact

Sanitary facilities: Due to lack of clarity about the area, we are unfortunately unable to make any statements on this yet. Barrier-free toilets will be available in any case.

Sleeping: The tent area is located on a meadow. It may be possible to park a camper/caravan in the car park near the camp.

Language: We will write all signs on the camp in German and English. For our camp programme we will organise volunteer translators (for other languages if possible). If you are looking for translators, please contact the Infopoint and we will try to organise suitable translators for you at the camp.

If you need sign language translators, please let us know in advance via our registration form and we will try to organise people for this.

We ask the people running the workshops to consider language as a barrier and to be available for questions.