Kitchen and food

We have a cooking crew at the camp. We are very happy that they will feed us.

All dishes will be vegan. Of course, we make sure to provide us all with regional, seasonal and organic food as much as possible.

If you have allergies and food intolerances, please write a short email or indicate this in the registration. We will forward the information to the kitchen crew and will take it into consideration.

When you arrive, please also let the info tent know.

Introduction of the Küfa “Schwarzwurzeln”

We are the Schwarzwurzeln, a young kitchen collective from NRW.

We will provide you with vegan food during the camp.

It is very important to us that everyone can eat with us, so please let us know if you have any intolerances or allergies. If you want to contact us directly at the camp, you can do so via the Küfa cell phone, at the info point or directly contact our Küfa crew. This task will be taken over by two people who are not in the cooking tent and who will introduce themselves to you. The people of the Küfacrew, who cook for you, will have no direct contact to the camp, because of the Corona-Hygiene-Concept.

We generally cook on a soli basis. That means, all people get food, no matter how much or if they pay something. For this, on the one hand we try to organize ourselves as money-free as possible and get a lot of food through donations, foodsharing and containers, but on the other hand we also rely on donations from the people who have enough money to pay for it.

At the camp there will be a cash box in the info tent. We will not recommend donations per meal. Instead, to make it transparent how much money is still needed to cover the costs, there will be a traffic light that shows how much income and expenses we have. If we have a financial surplus, we will announce what it will be used for.

Since we have not been around for so long, we have not been able to build up large reserves and are therefore dependent on donations in advance in order to be able to buy food and materials for the camp.

If you would like to support us, please donate to the following account:

VusEumUmseP e.V.
IBAN: DE30 8306 5408 0004 0613 81
Deutsche Skatbank
Subject: schwarzwurzeln

Since we have always borrowed equipment from other KÜFAs to cook for large groups and this is very impractical in the long run, we are gradually acquiring the appropriate large kitchen equipment. You are very welcome to support us by sending us donations in kind. Feel free to contact us via our mail or use the above mentioned account if you want to support us financially.

You can find more information about us on our blog: