Protest and activities 2022

Making the center of the meat and poultry industry the focus of our protest

23 – 27 September 2022

Fighting for the withdrawal of the meat industry in Oldenburger Land

This summer, we want to take our united protest to the center of the German meat production industry, Oldenburger Land. Larger and equally determined – especially as the meat industry continues to profit uninterrupted. Through multiply-day activities between 23 and 27 September 2022 we will take a stand against the meat industry: with a large scale initiative and further individual protests, we will be rebellious and creative for a radical change in the agriculture and food systems.

Meat and poultry industry: a system of exploitation and destruction

In the meat industry there is a multitude of problems, among them: land theft and hunger in the Global South, exploitation of mostly migratory workers, precariously working farmers, massive greenhouse gas emissions, environmental destruction, and the oppression and murder of animals. Where could this industry be hit more effectively than where it feels the most comfortable: in the triangle between Bremen, Oldenburg and Osnabrück. In “Oldenburger Land”, there are rows upon rows of feedlots, slaughterhouses, meat processing factories and feed mills. The biggest profiteers of this industry are here: the large meat corporations, above all, PHW (Wiesenhof), Vion, Tönnies und Westfleisch

Fighting together for a solidarity-based agriculture and food system change

This year, with your support, we are making the large spectrum of social catastrophes, in which the meat corportations and industry are responsible for, transparent. We will expose the interconnected exploitation of humans, animals, and nature. This link is a direct result of capatalistic production. We are attaching ourselves to these fights for emancipation and are arranging many varied, colorful, and dedicated activities and protests.

The protests of the last years have made a difference, but we must prevent the meat industry from using surface-level changes and the mere appearance of adjustments to perpetuate harmful practices, such as removing and cancelling service contracts, pretended climate and “animal welfare” protections or supply-chain laws. Instead, we want to make sure that there is no way to get around a complete termination of the meat industry. We will achieve this through comprehensive and extensive systemic change and transformation: a good life for all, including animals, within planetary boundaries and particularly by taking responsibility in the global north.

Call to Action

We are calling on everyone to connect with our initiative in the summer. Come to the planned large scale protest and plan your own in protest in Oldenburger Land. Only together can we manage the withdrawal from the meat production industry. Let us create an example in the fight for an ecological nutrition system and agriculture transformation!

The activities will take place from 23 to 27 September. We will be releasing more detailed information relating to the time, meeting place, and activity formats at a later date. Stay connected and join us in the creation of the activities for the summer – for instance in our new community space or as a member of the alliance.

A demonstration is also planned as part of the action days – groups are welcome to join in the planning. You can send us an email for this purpose to