Accessibility at the mass action

We would also like to explicitly invite people to our civil disobedience action who are affected by barriers. We understand barriers as socially created structures that disadvantage people because of certain physical, cognitive or psychological characteristics or because of their age. Barriers are an expression of social power relations. We see breaking down these structures as part of our emancipatory practice, so we want to help make the action as barrier-free as possible. In doing so, we understand this path to inclusion and accessibility as a process in which we can and must still learn a lot. 
In our action planning we try to take into account all possible limitations regarding mobility (wheelchair, walking difficulties), language (simple language, sign language), age (not being of age) etc. If you have any special needs, questions, comments or criticisms, please feel free to write us! Please be sure to write us if you have a need for sign language translation during the action, so that we can prepare that.