Together against Tönnies


Tönnies, Germany’s largest meat company, is a prime example of a system that exploits people, animals and the environment. We oppose this injustice and invite everyone to take action with us.

Together against Tönnies!


  • Tönnies must pay – compensation for environmental damage and violations of human and labor rights instead of profits for the Tönnies family!
  • the Tönnies Group and the entire food system must be democratised and placed under social control – put an end to the production of climate-damaging food!
  • an immediate ban on the import of animal feed for the livestock industry and an end to neo-colonial structures of exploitation

There are many reasons and numerous opportunities to become active against Tönnies and the livestock industry. Join us, we look forward to seeing you!

How we are active against Tönnies

We are back! Kick-off at Tönnies on February 15!

On February 15, we kicked off our protests against Tönnies with a go-in at the administration building, a huge banner drop and other creative actions at the soccer stadium and at the head office in Rheda-Wiedenbrück!

Tönnies is Germany’s largest meat company and profits from exploitation, environmental destruction and neo-colonial injustice.

You can find out more about the company and our criticism here.

Demo at slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen (near Hamburg)

On Saturday, June 15, we will take a stand against Germany’s largest slaughterhouse and leading meat processor at the Tönnies slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen (near Hamburg).

Under the motto “Together against Tönnies”, we will take to the streets and show that there must be an end to the boundless suffering of animals, the exploitation of workers in the slaughterhouses, the destruction of the environment, neo-colonial structures and the huge profit that Tönnies makes from all this destruction.

You can find more information about the demo here:

#stattTönnies Instagram campaign

We asked you: What could a world without/after Tönnies look like?

How do you imagine a world without Tönnies and without the power of large industrial corporations? How would you use the land on which huge slaughterhouses are located today, where animals are kept or feed is grown in monocultures? What new jobs could be created? What would be on our plates?

You got really creative in our Instagram campaign #stattTönnies. We received numerous photos, drawings and videos. You can find a selection of them here.