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Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie

Climate change is advancing at an alarming rate, the Amazon rainforest is burning continuously and more and more ecosystems are collapsing.
The animal industry is a significant contributor to this.
Forests are demolished and huge areas are cultivated with industrial monocultures in order to produce animal feed. Liquid manure and dung contaminate ground and surface water, while workers have to slave away in stables, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants under inhumane conditions.
Sentient animals are treated as mere commodities. They suffer immensely. In many parts of the world, the animal industry increases the price of staple foods and access to land, leading to hunger.
In the midst of the ecological crisis, agricultural and meat companies are achieving record sales at the expense of humans, animals and the future of us all –

This is a scandal!

The network “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie”, is a cross-movement, Germany-wide alliance that was founded at an activists gathering in July 2019. Together we are calling for the abolition of the animal industry. We are convinced that we ourselves must take action to promote a
process of social change because corporations and governments will not take the steps we believe are necessary. We need an agricultural shift towards a solidarity-based, ecological production and organization that neither harms others nor is geared to profit.

In July 2021, we blocked the headquarters of PHW for 10 hours. 200 activists participated. PHW is the largest poultry meat company in Germany and owns the brands “Wiesenhof” and “Bruzzzler”, among others. At the same time, we also organized a camp in Lower Saxony. This camp was a place for networking and discussion on the issues of agriculture, animal farming, capitalism and working conditions of slaughterhouse workers.

Now we are busy planning further actions against the animal industry. You can join us.


Read our report on the camp and mass action in 2022!


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