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Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie

Climate change is advancing at an alarming rate, the Amazon rainforest is burning continuously and more and more ecosystems are collapsing.
The animal industry is a
significant contributor to this.

Forests are demolished and huge areas are cultivated with industrial monocultures in order to produce animal feed. Liquid manure and dung contaminate ground and surface water, while workers have to slave away in stables, slaughterhouses and meat processing plants under inhumane conditions.

Sentient animals are treated as mere commodities. They suffer immensely. In many parts of the world, the animal industry increases the price of staple foods and access to land, leading to hunger.

In the midst of the ecological crisis, agricultural and meat companies are achieving record sales at the expense of humans, animals and the future of us all

This is a scandal!

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Camp called off, but we stay active!


The spread of the “corona virus” SARS-Cov-2 is currently affecting all of our lives and cannot be ignored as a current global crisis. We all cannot yet foresee how the situation will develop in the next months. Therefore, we must postpone our planned mass action against PHW for this June with a heavy heart. Because even if by then such an action should be possible again, to prepare and to mobilize for it is very hard in the current situation.

In the meantime, as an alliance, we will continue working on our topic, trying out new (digital) forms of action and also continue to grow – in terms of personnel and content. So that we can all endure the current, challenging conditions and in the future will be able to fight against the animal industry, against the climate crisis and against oppression and exploitation with all the more power! We’re going to observe new opportunity windows that arise in these times of change and exchange information with other movements about it. Nevertheless, our confidence to stand up against the animal industry is urgent and we are doing everything we can to prepare the camp and the mass action for 2021, and then next year – if circumstances permit – we will be all the more energetic and powerful!

So stay tuned, we’ll keep you posted. Until then: stay healthy, stay alert for authoritarian actions, stay active, be in solidarity and take care of yourselves!

Call from the Alliance Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie for nationwide action days from 28-31 May

From Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st May we are setting a sign. A sign of solidarity with the slaughterhouse workers, but also with all the other workers who have to work under the most adverse conditions for the profits of a few. And we are setting a sign of protest against the unrestrained exploitation of animals and nature in the name of profit.

With creative actions in front of slaughterhouses and in public places we will draw attention for the situation of the workers. We will respect the health of all of us and observe hygiene measures, but we will nevertheless leave our mark in public places.

Our demands
With our actions we make it clear that the following immediate measures are urgently needed now:

  • The animal industry must be shut down to prevent further corona infections
  • The workers must be financially, socially and healthily safeguarded in the event of plant closures – at the expense of the corporations
  • The workers must be provided with housing that allows for dignified accommodation that meets the requirements of the corona situation, e.g. in hotels, holiday homes or vacant apartments. And this not only in this situation.

But the workers are not only exposed to harsh conditions in times of Corona. Rather, the workers are exploited to the extreme by the animal industry in the sense of profit maximization. An end of the precarious employment of the workers is needed and with it an abolition of contract and temporary work!

In addition, a comprehensive agricultural turn towards a solidary and ecological way of production and organisation is long overdue.

Let’s take our protest to the public

Show your solidarity and draw attention to the exploitation of workers in the meat industry in various places: by hanging up signs and banners, by demonstrations in places of exploitation (slaughterhouses and fattening factories, supermarkets, etc.), bicycle demonstrations or by chalk marks in the city. Let your ideas run free!

You can tell us your planned actions in advance, and we will draw attention to them. And please post on your channels under the hashtags #GemeinsamGegenTierindustrie, #SolidaritätStattFleischindustrie oder #PeopleOverProfits about your action! Pictures, videos or written reports can be sent to our e-mail address after the action, then we will publish it on our channels

Until our demands are fullfilled, we will not rest.
Together we are many!

Ideas and materials for your actions

Here are some suggestions for slogans:

  • Shut down Tierindustrie
  • Solidarity with the Workers in the Meat Industry

Flyer templates in several languages will follow.

The situation of the workers
As in almost every social crisis, the Corona crisis affects especially the people who are at the bottom of this society – like the migrant workers in the slaughterhouses and meat processing plants of the meat industry.

At the same time, the groups of the animal industry are classified as systemically important, even though the food supply would be able to survive without them. And they also benefit from additional government support. This is a scandal!

The workers, on the other hand, cannot even protect themselves from the virus because of the exploitative working conditions: Lack of protective equipment, which is denied to them not only during corona times, the non-compliance of distance rules, health-endangering hard work with 12-hour shifts 6 days a week. In the same way, they are exposed to an increased risk of infection in the overcrowded collective accommodation and the overcrowded collective transport vehicles that bring them to work.

Working conditions in the animal industry are worsened by corona and also in precarious jobs in general. Labour laws are being eroded more and more, existing rights are effectively even harder to fight for.

Appeals by trade unions and labour rights initiatives demanding the adoption of measures to protect migrant workers from corona infections were ignored and the inevitable happened: In slaughter factories, among others of Vion, Westfleisch, Müller-Fleisch and PHW/Wiesenhof, thousands of workers have already been infected with corona. As long as appropriate protective measures are not taken, further outbreaks can be expected. According to the authorities, however, the companies have the situation under control and the slaughtering can continue. And that all for the profit of a few. Only after a public outcry actions was taken and slaughterhouses were temporarily closed where there was no other option. As always in the capitalist system, the needs of people, animals and the environment are irrelevant as long as they stand in the way of profit.

Our comrade Laura was interviewed yesterday by “Arbeitsunrecht TV”. She reported about our work, our motivation and planned actions. She also mobilized for days of action on the occasion of the corona outbreaks in the slaughterhouses and processing factories, which will take place on the weekend of Pentecost. We will publish the call for action days shortly. Many thanks to aktion./. arbeitsunrecht for the interview.

The labour law initiative aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht has published a press release on working conditions in the meat industry:

Suspicion of sham work contracts + exorbitant rents: What are prosecution, main customs office and labour ministries doing?

[…] In the course of the corona crisis, the media are once again reporting increasingly unpleasant facts. The legal core of the exploitation business are the so-called work contracts between slaughterhouse operators and so-called work contractors, who in turn contract the workers, most of whom come from Romania and Bulgaria.

The exploitation via work contracts is regularly criticised – but not sufficiently questioned. The legal basis of the regulations governing contracts for work is more than shaky.

Sham contracts: Organized deception of the authorities through illegal temporary employment agency work?

According to our research, everything speaks for the fact that in reality these are not contracts for work at all, but in fact employee supply contracts (i.e. concealed temporary work or sham contracts for work). This would have far-reaching consequences, since to our knowledge none of the contractors has permission to supply temporary workers. We would therefore be dealing with a criminal system that harms both the workers and – by evading social security contributions and taxes – the community. […]


12.05.2020, Press release by aktion ./. arbeitsunrecht: Conditions in the meat industry: work contracts or illegal temporary employment agency work?

Further information:

aktion./.arbeitsunrecht is a trade-union labour law initiative which campaigns for employees in the retail trade, the food industry and many other sectors. It provides information about companies hostile to works councils, supports works councils and trade unionists and also called for a day of action against the meat company Tönnies in 2019. Further information is available at:


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We support By2020WeRiseUp!
Our action will be part of the third wave of actions in early summer 2020.


We support BLOCK BAYER to fight for climate justice and food sovereignty.

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