Hygiene concept

Final version 16.09.2022

Hygiene concept for the Action Days and Camp 2022

Our hygiene concept aims to enable all participants to safely participate in the camp and action days. Our concept is based on the recommendations of the RKI and we have included experiences of other climate camps and demonstrations that took place under corona conditions.

We try to exclude infections with the corona virus as far as possible and consider the safe course of the camp and the action days as a task for everyone. Therefore, we appeal to all participants to behave responsibly and in solidarity regarding the Corona pandemic.


Please test yourself before you arrive. Alternatively, you can self-test on-site at registration. We give out rapid tests and appreciate donations for them. You can also bring your own tests.

We ask all participants to do further tests on site every day to effectively exclude infection, especially if you want to participate in activities. In case of Corona-typical symptoms, we ask you to isolate and test yourself immediately. We have paramedics on site, there is also the possibility to take your temperature.

People who work in the kitchen or with the paramedics will of course be tested regularly, as will people who develop symptoms typical of Corona.


We also want to make it possible for those to participate in the camp and action days, who are particularly at risk of a Corona infection, for example because they belong to risk groups or cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Therefore, please only come to the action days and camp if you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (unless this is not possible due to medical reasons).


Medical masks will be worn wherever there is an increased risk of infection. This applies to people working on site in the kitchen or with the paramedics. This also concerns staying in community and workshop tents as well as the formation of queues, e.g. at the food distribution. For safety reasons, we recommend using FFP2 masks during actions or workshops. We have a limited supply of masks on site, but ask you to bring enough of your own masks for the time of the action days and to change them regularly.

Distance and hygiene

Please follow the common hygiene rules and keep your distance or wear masks if possible.

For good ventilation, the community tents are equipped with wide openings. There will be ventilation everywhere. Also, please remember to swing the door open and closed several times after using the restroom to allow for air exchange, especially if there are lines in front of the restrooms.

We will provide several hand washing and sanitizing stations. We ask that all participants make use of these opportunities frequently and also keep their distance while doing so. Restrooms and wash stations will be cleaned and disinfected several times a day. We ask that you participate in the cleaning shifts, participation in the kitchen shifts is excluded for at least 3 days afterwards.

Suspected and positive cases

If you have a positive rapid test during the camp, you should immediately have a PCR test done by a doctor. We will assist you in finding a testing facility nearby. For people who test positive at the camp, we will set up a separate area with its own toilet and hand washing facilities until a testing facility or a safe journey home can be arranged.

The journey home of infected or quarantined participants is their own responsibility. However, we try to support in case of need, for example by providing drivers and cars to enable the transport to a testing site and possibly also home. This becomes more and more difficult with further distances and can by no means be guaranteed. Therefore we ask for the help of all participants.

After the camp

Remember to test yourself regularly after the camp and to reduce your contacts as much as possible to avoid further spreading of the coronavirus. Contact us immediately if you test positive for Corona within 10 days of your return, anonymously if you wish! This helps us to evaluate our hygiene concept and if necessary we can inform other people about the increased risk of infection. We can be reached at: infektionsschutz@gemeinsam-gegen-die-tierindustrie.org

Last but not least

Finally, it is important for us to make the following quite clear: Protective measures are reasonable and sensible. We take a clear position against corona denial, conspiracy narratives, and allying with the right.