Camp Fee

There is a recommended camp fee. This can be paid in cash at the camp or before/after the camp via bank transfer (
Of course, you only pay the camp fee for the days you actually participate in the camp.

The following contribution amounts per day are recommended for the camp infrastructure:
– reduced fee: 7,00 € / day
– cost-covering contribution: 10,00 € / day
– Soli-contribution: 12,00 € / day

In addition, there will be a donation recommendation by the “Küfa” (food provision), which is currently not yet fixed. The Küfa collective will decide whether a separate donation box will be set up with its own donation recommendation or whether we will collect the costs together with the general camp contribution. Whatever the decision, we expect from experience that the additional costs for this will be around 5 € per day. So you can expect to pay a total of 12-17 € per day.

These are non-binding recommendations for cost sharing. Even if you can’t contribute anything, you are of course welcome at the camp.