Packing list

Our packing list


Sleeping bag

Camping mat

Warm clothes for the night

Sturdy shoes

Toiletries, towel, ecologically degradable soap, toothpaste

Medication that you need

Cash for camp fee (10-15 € per day), if necessary additional money for snacks / drinks or for emergencies.

Sun and rain protection (e.g. sun cream, headgear, rain jacket)

Mouth and nose protection (FFP2 or surgical masks) and any rapid tests you may need.

Power bank if you want to make sure you can charge your mobile phone

Lamps, headlamps and/or torch

Seat pads to sit on



Books and playing cards etc.

Bicycle, if you want to have it with you at the camp

For smokers: Pocket ashtrays (please make sure to smoke only in the designated places!)