Our camp is an open space where children and people with disabilities are explicitly welcome. Therefore it is also helpful for us if you register in advance when you come to the camp.

The registration is anonymous, no personal data will be collected and one person can register a whole group. You have the possibility to fill out our registration form (see below) or to send us a message to the following e-mail address: (PGP).

We ask you to let us know in any case if you have allergies, food intolerances or other important concerns that we should take into consideration. Likewise, you can indicate if you already know that you need translation, have questions about mobility or low barriers, or need other things to be able to participate in the camp.

Unfortunately, due to capacity constraints, we are not able to organize childcare or guarantee that there will be no barriers at the camp. We are also not able to provide interpreters. Therefore, these structures have to be self-organized. However, we try to meet needs as much as possible in our planning.

It would also be helpful for our planning if people who have already registered but are unable to attend would cancel their registration.

We are also looking for people and affinity groups who would like to take on certain roles and tasks during the camp and action days. If you are willing to do so, please leave a note in the field for further comments and we will contact you via your given contact address.

You don’t have to register with your real name, but it would be great if you leave a pseudonym that you can use in case you contact us again in the next weeks. This will allow us to better assign further notes or changes.

When you arrive at the camp, please register at our info tent. There you can clarify any questions you may have, e.g. food intolerances or allergies. Since the registration is only for our planning, it will not be checked if you are registered and also not registered persons are welcome!

Registration form

Note: The transmission of the data is not PGP encrypted. You can of course send a PGP-encrypted e-mail to the above e-mail address instead of using the form.

Please enter a name (or pseudonym) and number of people coming to the camp.
Please enter the number of children and young people.
Please enter allergies and intolerances and the number of persons concerned.
We offer a separate overnight area for FLINTA* persons (women, lesbians, inter-, non-binary, trans and agender persons). Please enter the number of persons.
We try to organise a barrier-free camp. We will let you know to what extent we were able to implement accessibility.
Please indicate languages into which translation should be done.
If you can imagine to support the camp, please fill in here. We are looking for support for the set-up (3 days before the camp), dismantling (3 days after the camp), awareness shifts, night guards, offering translations, medical service and more.