24 necessary measures for a socially just and ecological management of the Covid 19 pandemic

Together with 59 other groups from climate justice and other social movements, we have worked to develop 24 measures that we believe are necessary in the current situation.

“The Corona crisis shows us the shortcomings of our current economic system,” says the list of demands. “This is the right moment to make our economy sustainable, fair and crisis-proof.”

On the one hand, the cross-sectional paper covers short-term demands such as the evacuation of large shelters and decentralised accommodation of refugees. On the other hand, it contains long-term measures such as the socialisation of the health care system or the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity in order to avoid future pandemics. Among other things, we call for an agricultural turnaround towards a reliable, socially just, ecologically compatible and animal welfare-free food supply.

You can read the whole paper here.