decision making

Our camp was preceded by months of intensive preparation. Possible areas had to be explored, financial plans had to be made, materials and groups had to be requested. This also means that many decisions had to be made, which ultimately also have an impact on living together at the camp (for example, how many tents are available for events? Where is space for retreat? When will food be served? How long does the camp last?). While we are an open alliance where new people could help shape these aspects at any time, we are aware of the hierarchies that arise from the situation.

But at the same time it is very important to us to fill the camp with life together with you. We want to give you the opportunity to actively participate and contribute. Therefore we invite you to the following structures:

  •     Camp Aktuell: Every day (Saturday to Tuesday) we will hold a short morning plenary with all interested people on the camp. It will take place parallel to breakfast. Here current information will be shared and there will be space for announcements. If needed, discussion needs can be registered here, which can be discussed later in the Deli structure.
  •  Flinta*-Plenum: The Flinta*-Plenum (women, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans, agender) is supposed to offer a safer space at the camp where Flinta*s can exchange, network and organize. The design of the Flinta* plenum is open and can be carried collectively. Decisions from the Flinta*Plenum can be carried forward (if necessary) to the Deli Plenum for inclusion.
  • Deli-Plena: Delegates from the structures meet every day. If there is interest or explicitly in case of acute need (e.g. in case of approaching storms), one person from each reference group can take part here, so that we can get mood pictures or make decisions at short notice.
  • Participation in the camp structures: The camp lives from the cooperation of the participants. For example, in the kitchen, in the supervision of the information tent or in the moderation of the plenary sessions. The different camp structures will introduce themselves at the camp and are looking forward to participation. Some of them are also structures that can make decisions on their own. If you want to help with the preparation before the camp starts, please send an email to  

For ‘Camp aktuell’ as well as the Deli plenum we want to make an English whisper translation possible, but this can only be carried collectively. Thus we are dependent on people who are willing to translate. Via notices at the Infopoint people can be found for translation, of course also for other languages than English.

An overview of current information and how to get involved in the different camp structures can be found at the info tent.

Besides the camp structures, which are open for your participation, there will also be different working groups of the Alliance Together Against the Animal Industry, which are not open for new people during the action days. This is because it is not possible to break down all knowledge hierarchies and build bridges of trust in the short duration of the camp. If you’d like to learn more about the specific working groups, feel free to ask at the Deli plenary or at the get-to-know-you event on Tuesday.

If you have more detailed questions about our decision-making structures, please feel free to contact us at the Deli plenary, at the Tuesday get-to-know-you event, or send us an email at

At the same time, we are happy to receive your feedback, whether in person, in writing via our feedback box, or digitally.