Climate plan from below: Publication of the 1st edition

Today, the 1st edition of the Climate Plan from below, to which members of our alliance have also contributed, was published!

Here is the message from the just1 comma5 crew:

 We are facing one of the biggest decisions of mankind - a decision on how to face the climate crisis.This is both a huge responsibility and an opportunity. Our chance to jointly initiate a comprehensive change towards a more just society.

Dear friends* and climateists,

above you have read a quote from the introduction of the climate plan from below.Finally, the time has come: Today we publish the first edition of the Climate Plan from below!

Here you can find all the big and small measures collected so far that can help to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees:

We decided against a print version at first, because, as you will probably notice while browsing through it, the 1st edition is mainly a construction site plan.

So there can be no talk of a conclusion for a long time. And that is not the idea. That's why you are all still invited and cordially invited to get involved, write new measures, discuss and comment on existing measures and to spread the idea of the climate plan from below!

After this first phase of writing the climate plan from below, we invite you to a larger planning meeting from April 3 - 5 to plan the next phase. SAVE THE DATE! We are looking forward to welcome many new faces! Together we want to spin further visions and paths of the campaign - How can we make the climate plan more known? How can we fill it with more content? How can we start implementing individual measures?

Finally, we want to say thank you! Thanks to all the hard-working and supportive people who have contributed to this project! Together we have laid a first foundation stone on which a world that is fair to the climate can be built. Together - in cooperation with numerous initiatives and groups - we have ensured that the word "system change" does not remain an empty shell, but we are beginning to examine the concepts, ideas and visions behind it and to fill it with life.

We are still at the beginning of a long journey. If we walk it together, if we are organized and in solidarity, we can achieve great things.

Solidary greetings and we hope to see you soon,

your G1K5 crew