Report of our last alliance meeting

Dear friends and comrades!

On the weekend before last (10th-12th January) we had another alliance meeting. This time we met in Berlin and to our excitement many new people joined us! Together we discussed several points, made decisions and networked in the different working groups.

Here are the most important points:
– We have decided on the whole 8-day-period from 13th to 20th June 2020 for our camp. We will announce the exact action period within this period as soon as possible.
– Soon the first mobilization events will take place in different cities. When and where we will publish regularly on the website and here in the newsletter!
– Before the next meeting in Hamburg we want to decide on a logo so that flyers etc. can be printed
– we are looking forward to presenting it soon on the website and all further publications!
– During the meeting in Berlin, a new working group has also been networked, which will now take care of the design of the exciting camp program, which will take place alongside the planned mass action.
– Furthermore, since the last meeting, there is a working group Awareness, which is working out a concept to create a safer, less discriminating and more solidary space both at the meetings and during the camp.

Soon we will also be sending out our participation newsletter, in which we will report in more detail about the alliance and call for cooperation! Meanwhile here are the dates and cities for our next alliance meetings:
– 14-16 February: Hamburg
– 20-22 March: Kassel
– 17-19 April: likely Cologne / Bonn area
– 15-17 May: not yet determined

We look forward to seeing you at the next meetings and/or the action!

Love and Rage,
Alliance “Together Against the Animal Industry” (Ger. “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie”)