The usual horror in WIESENHOF’s fattening factories: New Investigation from SOKO Tierschutz e.V. from a Wiesenhof fattening factory in Zernsdorf

Another Investigation at Wiesenhof fattening factory and again the same

SOKO Tierschutz e.V. has documented images from October 2019 in one gigantic fattening factory of a Wiesenhof supplier in Königs Wusterhausen near Niederlehme. In this live over one Millions of chickens in about 40 halls, hidden in a forest.
The video material documents the conditions in this over several days and shows the catastrophic consequences for the animals in this exploitative system:

Dying animals, animals that don’t get to the water, carcasses crushed on the ground, carcasses on a doorknob and workers who go relentlessly through the animals causing stress and panic. Weak animals are killed by a broken neck.
SOKO Tierschutz e.V. already had informed the veterinary office on 05.12.2019.
They never got an answer.

Once again, the PHW group draws “consequences” by filing criminal charge against a farmer who is supposedly responsible for the documented Cruelty to animals.
By admitting individual misconduct, the leadership of the PHW Group repeatedly manages to distract from the everyday systematic exploitation of animals. At the same time, responsibility for what happens in the fattening farms is shifted to farmers dependent on PHW.

But the PHW group itself is responsible for the system’s inherent animal torture.
The conventional chicken fattening, which at Wiesenhof is about 95%,
provides that the animals in the shortest possible time gain a lot of weight in order to gain a maximum “slaughter weight”. That also means that it is accepted that the fattened animals, which within 38 days per day 60g or should gain more weight, cannot carry their own weight and collapse below. But that’s not all. The animals are denied all rights and basic needs such as scratching, exploring the environment, socializing, pecking the food, healthy care and above all self-determination and freedom. Because this does not fit the concept of chicken fattening to make money with the animals.

The chickens live on their own excrement because cleaning the fattening factories would be unprofitable. They are constantly exposed to stress. Because in the end up to 23 chickens have to share one square meter of space. The animals live in constant competition for food and space and suffer from painful diseases such as bone and muscle malformations and organ diseases as a result of the “turbo growth”.

With our campaign we demand: Abolition of the animal industry!
Closure of all plants of the PHW group!

We are calling for an agricultural change towards a solidary and ecological Production and organizational methods that are not at the expense of others takes place and is not oriented towards profit. This includes a construction stop of all animal production facilities in Germany and an immediate stop of the Feed imports from the global south.

Press Release:
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