Second Participation Newsletter!

Dear friends and comrades,

you’re reading the second participation newsletter of “Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie”!

Report from the last Alliance meeting

We have good news – our alliance is growing! At the last meeting in Berlin from 10-12 January, there were about 30 new people with different backgrounds, many of whom want to become actively involved. In order to welcome the “newcomers” well, there was an introductory round on Friday evening, which was very well received. During the following days we discussed, listened, talked, decided and got to know each other a lot.

Join in!

Such a protest camp requires a lot of preparation! We are already many committed people, but we are also still dependent on further support in many places – and we are looking forward to seeing more groups and people who would like to join our alliance! For all new people there is of course a detailed introduction to the alliance process.

All those interested are cordially invited to our Alliance meetings:

  • 14-16 February: Hamburg (see below for further information)
  • 20-22 March: Kassel
  • 17-19 April: Cologne / Bonn area
  • 15-17 May: not yet determined

You can get involved in the most diverse tasks. For example…

  • the working group Camp-Logistics is grateful for contacts to people with experience in light & sound engineering or with a truck driving licence;
  • the working group Mobilisation is ready to support people in all kinds of areas in self-organised mobi events;
  • the working group Program is happy about support in the preparation of the camp program;
  • the working group Antirepression is currently still looking for people who want to prepare legal texts for activists or who want to organise legal support during the camp;
  • and is the working group Finance is happy about solidarity events where money for the alliance is collected.

Even if you cannot yet imagine what tasks you might be able to do, just get in touch with us:!

Our next alliance meeting: 14-16 February in Hamburg

Our next alliance meeting will take place from 14-16 February in Hamburg! We are looking forward to seeing new faces who would like to join us in the preparations.

Here are the outline dates for the program of the meeting:

  • Friday: For newcomers there will be an introduction at 7 pm to make it easier to get started. There will also be a joint dinner on Friday evening.
  • Saturday: On Saturday the meeting starts at 9 am and goes on all day – with breaks, delicious food and a nice evening program.
  • Sunday: Sunday the meeting ends at about 1 pm. Afterwards there will be lunch and if you want you can help cleaning up afterwards.

If you are interested, please register by mail and we will send you all further information!

Spread the Word

We are now also on social media:

Be invited to share our content on your channels!

Flyers, posters and logo

We now have a really nice logo as well as flyers and posters and would be very happy if you support us in distributing them! Just send us a mail with the desired amount of materials and your address to and we will send you a package soon. You will soon find digital versions on our homepage.

Info events and action trainings

If you want to mobilize in your cities and villages for the camp and the action and prepare well for the action, please invite us for a mobilization talk and/or an action training. Here you can find more information:

News about PHW

Regular critical publications show that we have chosen exactly the right target with the PHW Group!

Recent research by the Soko Tierschutz Association shows that despite promises and threats to the contrary to the contractual farms, nothing has changed in the terrible conditions in the fattening facilities of the PHW Group. Here is the video material: And here a report in rbb:

Last week a report on the exploitation of workers at PHW was published in the taz: “Forbidden employment in slaughterhouses: In Oldenburg two men are on trial who are said to have made millions with illegal Eastern European workers”.!5653913/. In addition, here is a report on a lecture by Peter Kossen on temporary workers in the meat industry:

The NGO Germanwatch has also published a comprehensive study on human rights violations of the PHW Group:


Here are some dates, where you can get to know us:

In solidarity,
Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie