The camp program is ready!

Our program for the Action Camp is (almost) set! It starts on Friday, 23.9. at 12 o’clock and ends on 27.9. We are looking forward to numerous contributions and an exciting exchange. You can already look forward to these program points (date and times will follow):

  • How to do a small group action? (Zucker im Tank)
  • Ausprobieren von Kommunikationsstrategien und Know how beim Pressesprechen (Mika)
  • Food sovereignty (Wir haben es satt)
  • Semi-open panel with Aktion Agrar
  • Antirepression Workshop (AG Antirepression / GgdT)
  • Small group actions with and without material (Zucker im Tank)
  • Dealing with emotional stress (AG Awareness / GgdT)
  • Why only socialism can save the environment. (Offensiv – Marxistische Organisation)
  • Reading: “Glitter in the Coal Dust – On the Struggle for Climate Justice and Autonomy” (Zucker im Tank)
  • Cross-movement exchange on the agrarian turnaround (Wir haben es satt)
  • Action trainings (GgdT)
  • Workshop & Conversation Training: Dealing with protesting farmers  (AG Agriculture / GgdT)
  • Autonomous communication with the press (Mika)
  • How do we manage to stay political active? (Zucker im Tank)
  • Information event for resistance nomads Self-help group according to radical therapy concept  (Kreativismus)
  • Political work between activism and citizens’ initiative (WiWa_Bleibt)
  • Participation in the alliance Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie (AG Neue & Vernetzung / GgdT)
  • After the action days is before the Eurotier.

In addition, guided camp tours will take place on some days.

Furthermore, there will be the possibility to participate in various plenums inside and actions outside the camp. In addition, we have set up an open space tent, which can be filled spontaneously with program!

Samstag 24.9.