Kick-off campaign against Tönnies and Germany’s largest slaughterhouse

Another group climbed onto the roof of the huge cold store and attached a large banner over the Tönnies logo, leaving the message “Together against Tönnies”.

In front of the company’s premises, supporters waved banners to express their solidarity with the actions.

Unfortunately, some people, including journalists present, were reported to the police. Several activists were arrested, but all were released by the next morning at the latest.

We see the action as a great success. All local media as well as WDR and reported on the protests. We would like to thank all the supporters who made this possible.

With our protest we demand :

– Tönnies must pay – compensation instead of profits

– Socialization of the Tönnies Group – democratization instead of capitalism

– Stop importing animal feed – climate justice instead of neocolonialism

For an ecological and solidarity-based agricultural shift – right now!

These actions were just the beginning. From now on it’s Together against Tönnies. Join us!