Open meeting of the regional group Berlin-Brandenburg from Bündnis Gemeinsam gegen die Tierindustrie

Get to know each other, information, exchange, action planning – join us if you want to get involved in the alliance against the animal industry!

We want a different kind of agriculture and a food transition for the climate, animals and justice. We do public relations work, organize demonstrations and actions of civil disobedience. Together we can achieve more – we look forward to seeing you!

When? 25.03. at 6 pm
Where? Thinkfarm (Oberlandstr. 26-35)

Why Tönnies now? Tönnies, Germany’s largest meat company, is an example of a system that exploits people, animals and the environment. We are taking a stand against this injustice and invite everyone to take action with us. Together against Tönnies!

Corona outbreaks, exploitation of workers, animal welfare scandals… these are just some of the buzzwords that are used when talking about Germany’s largest meat company: Tönnies Holding, based in Rheda-Wiedenbrück in North Rhine-Westphalia. The company and above all Managing Director Clemens Tönnies, who owns 45% of the company, are raking in huge profits while people, the environment and animals suffer as a result. We say: this must stop!

Tönnies must pay – compensation instead of profits
Socialization of the Tönnies Group – democratization instead of capitalism
Stop importing animal feed – climate justice instead of capitalism

More information about Tönnies and our demands:

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