Together against Tönnies in Kellinghusen (near Hamburg) – Demonstration on June 15

Share-Pic mit Aufschrift Demo am Tönnies-Schlachthof Kellinghusen und wichtigen Daten zur Demo

At the Tönnies slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen, we are taking a stand against Germany’s largest slaughterhouse and leading meat processor: under the motto “Together against Tönnies”, we are showing that we must put an end to the boundless suffering of animals, the exploitation of workers in slaughterhouses, the destruction of the environment, neo-colonial structures and the huge profits that Tönnies makes from all this destruction.

In Kellinghusen (near Hamburg), Tönnies slaughters over 5,000 pigs a day in the Thomsen slaughterhouse – according to its own information, the slaughterhouse has an annual slaughter capacity of up to 1.7 million animals. Animals that are fattened to maximum slaughter weight in the shortest possible time in the fattening facilities of industrial animal husbandry are killed here. This is exactly where we want to be loud!

You can find all the important information on how to get to the demonstration on the demo subpage. Come around!