Work in the meat industry: Inauguration of the advisory centre “Aktion Würde und Gerechtigkeit” (Action Dignity and Justice)

The workers in the animal industry often suffer from exploitative working conditions. They have to perform physically and psychologically extremely stressful work. By employing them on work contracts, the rights of workers from South-Eastern and Eastern Europe in particular are disregarded and organising is made more difficult. They do not have a guaranteed wage, and fees for a wide variety of work equipment are deducted from their wages. Health and safety at work is virtually non-existent. In case of complaints and in case of illness they have to expect their dismissal.

In order to counteract this, the association “Aktion Würde und Gerechtigkeit” was founded. This non-profit association supports workers, especially from Eastern and Southeastern Europe, with the meat industry as its main focus.

On Friday (6 March 2020) at 15.00 hrs the association’s advisory centre in Rahestraße 29 in 49525 Lengerich will be officially inaugurated.

Workers will receive advice on site, by telephone and e-mail, from volunteers and lawyers.

Phone: 05481 3089904

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