Call for donations for anti-repression campaign against Tönnies

The group Tear Down Tönnies has started an anti-repression campaign against Tönnies. A call for donations follows, which you are welcome to forward!

Furthermore: We support the activists* and call for a demonstration in front of the then blocked Tönnies slaughterhouse in Kellinghusen on Saturday (29.08.):


On 21.10.2019 we, the action group “Tear down Tönnies” blocked the Tönnies slaughterhouse “Thomsen” in Kellinghusen. For almost twelve hours we prevented the regular slaughter and the killing of several thousand animals. The goal of the action was to draw attention to the precarious working conditions, the endless animal suffering and the strong climate and environmental pollution caused by the animal industry. Now Tönnies demands a high 5-digit amount of money as compensation for the lost profit and expenses incurred.

To a company, which makes its profit with the exploitation of humans, animals and environment, are we to pay compensation? We see it differently. If someone has to pay compensation, it is the corporations who are responsible for climate change, extinction of species, land theft and the destruction of our natural resources. And not those who take action against it.

Therefore we will take legal action against Tönnies’ claims. For this we are dependent on your solidarity and support. Civil lawsuits are unfortunately very expensive. That’s why we need your support to finance the process. We are happy about every support, be it a donation, a solidarity action or the distribution of our call for donations.

The attempt to stop protests with claims for damages must not be successful! Let’s show Tönnies that he has made a proper settlement with his claim… The trial will certainly be a good opportunity to bring all the “mess” of the Tönnies company into the public eye.

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