There will be various actions between 12th and 17th of July!

If you want to participate in the actions between the 12th and 17th of July in Lower Saxony, there are different possibilities: Whether disobedience, demonstrations or vigils – there are opportunities for all action levels and experience backgrounds to become active!

You wanna sign our Call to Action? Write us an E-Mail:

Mass action of civil disobedience!

We would be happy if you would like to participate in our mass action and other forms of action! It’s important for us, that you agree with our Action Consensus! 

Our action is open for all people of different action experiences, with and without physical limitations or disabilities, wheelchair users and of course also for people who can’t walk for miles. If you have any needs or questions, please send us an email in advance! 

People who are not yet „of age“ in the legal sense are also welcome to participate. However, we recommend that participants be at least 15 years old. You should also be aware of the possible forms of repression you could be exposed to. Therefore, please inform yourself before your arrival (preparations may be necessary!) in our [legal aid brochure]. If you are unsure or unclear, you are welcome to ask for advice in the legal assistance tent at the camp. 

If you want to participate in the mass action please be there between Wednesday (14.07.) and Saturday (17.07.). More detailed information about the time and procedure of the action will be available on site. We recommend to participate in at least one action training and legal input before you go into action (also as a refresher). We also recommend that you arrive in a reference group (more about reference groups below). For people who don’t have a reference group yet, there will also be an organized reference group finding at the camp. In any case, it is  important that you do not go into action alone and have people around to support you! 

A reference group consists of 3-10 people (ideally 4-5 people) who go into action together. Ideally, the people have a relationship of trust among themselves. However, this is not necessarily a prerequisite for an affinity group. The most important thing is that you talk about your action experience, your action level (i.e. how far you want to go, where your limits are), and possible fears and insecurities before the action. In addition, reference groups make it easier for us to follow up on contacts later in case of possible corona cases. 

Packing list

Here you can find everything you need – and what to leave at home.
Please also think for yourselves what you (don’t) need from this list, and what you need that is missing from the list. Also keep in mind that we may be moving at a brisker pace to the action location. So pack as much as you can and want to carry under these conditions.

  • Blue clothes or headgear
  • Change of clothes for after the action
  • 3 x FFP2 masks         
  • Disinfectant & other personal hygiene items
  • Food (supplies are planned in the action, but take enough food with you in case the supplies don’t come through)
  • Sufficient drinking water (min. 2L)
  • Separate bottle (water) with sports cap for washing out eyes
  • Own dishes, cutlery and refillable bottle (preferably plastic)
  • Bags for your own garbage
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain jacket/pants if necessary
  • Umbrella/sunshade (preferably with political message)
  • Waterproof shoes; generally sturdy shoes
  • Ballpoint pen and sharpie
  • EA number (you get on-site)
  • Medication you will need
  • diapers/ sanitary napkins if needed (for longer stays)
  • First aid kit (e.g. 1 per reference group)
  • Identification papers, in case you want to identify yourself to the police
  • Small change for your way back after a possible detention 
  • Sleeping bag 
  • sleeping mat or other pad that can get dirty
  • Headlamp
  • Rescue blanket
  • Banner
  • Decoration (preferably ecological) for the action locations
  • Books, card games, etc. for longer blockades
  • Musical instruments (preferably robust)
  • Anything that holds information about you and that you don’t need in action (calendar, private cell phone, bank card…).
  • Everything that can be interpreted as a weapon (pocket knife, nail scissors…)
  • Make-up, contact lenses
  • Jewelry, clothes that can be uncomfortable in case of eviction
  • Camera (pictures will be taken by trained photographers)
  • Other valuable items that you do not necessarily need
  • Alcohol and other drugs have no place in the action

Please leave your non-human companions at home as well. A civil disobedience action is also a particularly stressful environment for non-human animals with an uncertain outcome. We are here by choice, they are not!

More actions and ways to participate during the days of action!

If you can’t or don’t want to participate in an action of civil disobedience for any reason, you are welcome to join the demonstrations or vigils on site! Every form of participation and support is important!
More information will be available at the camp. Again, we recommend to be there between Wednesday (14th) and Saturday (17th). 

We are also happy about support of small group actions that are compatible with our action consensus!